try { /* random code generator */ } catch(e) {}

generate up to 2,000,000 random codes at once, for free!


The API supports alpha-numeric, alphabetic and numeric patterns. Using 'XXX' will denote an alpha-numeric pattern, using 'AAA' will denote an alphabetic pattern and using '000' will denote a numeric pattern. You can mix the pattern types, for eg. 'XXXX-AAA-00000' will produce codes similar to 'A9BR-XYZ-19240'.

You can generate up to 2,000,000 random codes in one go. If the algorithm cannot find enough random codes with your desired format to match your required amount, it will return all the codes it can find.





$.get('', { 
    format: 'XXX-XXXX',
    count: 1000
  }, function(response) {